Ultrarunner Crate was born in Costa Rica and Curated Each Month for You

In early 2018, Justin Snair set off on a 100+ mile adventure run across the mountains, jungles, and beaches of Costa Rica.

Though Justin has 25+ years of training and competition under his belt, he had never raced more than 10 miles. To run nearly a marathon every day on muddy trails, across rivers, and up and over mountains, he knew he would need gear. Like most people probably would, Justin turned to Google and Amazon to find recommendations for fuel, water bottles, packs, body aides, shoes, socks, and countless other items.  He then bought a lot of stuff. A LOT.

Much to his dismay, much of the fuel and gear he brought along just didn’t quite cut it. The nutrition bars were too dense. The shoes had no grip. The uncoated salt tablets dissolved in the humidity and beef jerky turned to dust. By day three (and after he recovered from food poisoning), Justin realized this type of running required a whole different approach to gear, training, and mental preparation. By day six, he was a convert.  


Justin left Costa Rica inspired to embrace his inner mountain goat, only this time with the right support. He pored over online reviews in search of ultra and trail running gear he could trust. He was amazed not only by the caring community he found, but also by the passionate niche brands making durable, healthy, and specialized products just for this unique breed of runner.


Through Ultra Runner Crate, Justin hopes to help runners like you discover established and emerging brands dedicated to elevating your ultra and trail running experiences.